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I have been dealing with Beacon Packaging for the last 9 Years for all my corrugated requirements for Johnson & Johnson Visconcare Distribution site in Sunbury UK.

We ship approx. 80,000 orders a week, all requiring some form of packaging from Beacon Packaging (i.e. Corrugated Boxes, Printed Cartons, Dunnage, Kraft paper etc…)

In that time we have found Beacon’s  Quality, Service and Innovation, second to none. Here at J&J we require our vendors to self-manage and to ensure we are kept informed of any innovations that would help our distribution process. Beacon continue to work with us to ensure we have the right packaging and are always looking to improve our efficiency.

Our Quality team also work closely with Beacon to ensure all documentation supplied with goods conforms to our Raw Material Specifications. Beacon will customize the data required to the customer needs as we have had numerous changes over the years that required more data for any deliveries and Beacon have always accommodated these requirements with no resistance.   All in all I would say Beacon Packaging has been an asset to our business over the nine years with Sally Bainbridge leading her team to deliver Johnson & Johnson requirements 100% of the time.

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