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At Beacon Packaging we are committed to safeguarding the environment and we make it our ambition to follow a closed loop business system that fosters a company culture supporting and rewarding proactivity in areas including customer satisfaction, innovation and also improving a healthier and safer workplace.

We design, manufacture and supply corrugated packaging, which is used for distribution, transportation and retail display purposes. Our customers require packaging that is sustainable, innovative, fit for purpose and cost effective.  As a large Buyer of raw materials we are responsible for influencing how sustainable packaging solutions are created through our value chain. To ensure resources are always used efficiently, all our products are made from recycled or renewable virgin resources and are all 100% recyclable. As a manufacturer of paper-based packaging we ensure all our suppliers are accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), meaning they follow set standards for responsible forest management.The production process of paper–based packaging also utilises large amounts of water which is why we have recently invested considerably to install a water treatment plant that effectively re-instates the water to its original state before being returned to the public network system.

We believe that transparency and collaboration with customers and community is very important which is why we are a registered member of The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange. SEDEX is a global non-profit membership organisation that allows us to share the responsible practices of our business regarding labour standards, health & safety, the environment and business ethics more easily. We also work with customers to support their sustainability efforts as part of their strategic goals. 88% of investors see sustainability as a route to competitive advantage, making this a crucial element not only to grow our business but to drive it efficiently and ethically.

It is important that our employees see this company as a great place to work. After all, our people are at the heart of our operations and we are committed to fair practices and equal treatment of all of our employees. It is important for us to maintain a line of open communication with all our employees and their representatives regarding working conditions and business performance.


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